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Our Digital Billboards utilize cutting-edge technology in the most desired locations to deliver incredible value, flexibility, and relevancy.

Our signs are strategically located all over Ada and Canyon counties, on high traffic roads, with terrific visibility. All are at least 10'x30' and illuminated.

Canyon Outdoor, LLC Outdoor Advertising Billboards, Signs, Street Signs boise, meridian, nampa, fruitland, idaho

Whether you want to elevate your TV, Radio & Online campaigns across the entire market or simply focus your ad budget to the audience within five miles of your business we're ready to help you reach your marketing goals.

While the traditional media audiences continue shrink and fragment, or simply disappear...The traffic driving by our billboards increases every year!


​Let's get started today!

billboards make a big impression!

Our billboard plant covers Boise, Nampa, Meridian & Fruitland, Idaho. While our team is small, Outdoor Advertising or Billboard Advertising can help you make a big impression! 

If you're looking for creative that will get the cash register ringing, our designers are here to help you every step of the way.

Their spectacular size and massive reach make billboards the best way to make a big impression for any business. Billboards allow you to place your message right in front of consumers on their way to work, to play, to shop and on their way back home.