​Canyon Outdoor Media, LLC

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Layout -

We will accept any of the accepted file types, as long as they are created at 5" x 15" plus the addition of the .25" of bleed for each side. Be sure to include .25" of bleed to be used for the wrapping around the billboard structure and all critical elements should be .25" from the edge of the Live Area.

We ask that you create your files using at least 300ppi up to 408ppi for optimal output.

To make for a smoother process we have created a pre-formatted Photoshop Template for our 10' x 30' and a Template for our 10' 6" x 36' billboards which is set up to the optimal specifications so that you can receive your proofs quickly. To receive a template just email us at info@canyonoutdoormedia.com Thanks!

Accepted File Types - In order of preferred type:

1. Adobe Photoshop (Mac or PC)

2. Adobe Illustrator (Mac or PC)

3. Adobe InDesign (Mac or PC)

How To Get Us Your Files

File Submission - Electronic

2 methods

1. Use the link to our DropBox account.

2. Email us through our website, using the button located on the Creative Tab (compressed and under 10MB).

3. Email it to us at info@canyonoutdoormedia.com (compressed and under 5MB).